A Virginia tradition of Quality Recycled Auto parts will now be even better with new warranty benefits!

You can supplement your benefits with LABOR or EXTENDED WARRANTY'S , just ask your salesperson for information.



Bruce Auto Parts is continually striving to be a leader in the AUTO RECYCLING INDUSTRY. You need to feel confident in your purchase of a QUALITY USED or RECYCLED PART for your automobile.  The utmost care has been taken in the buying, dismantling, testing and cleaning of the parts you have purchased so as to assure you many miles of motoring pleasure.


There are times when you will be ask to prepay for your part so that we may order or locate that hard to find item for you. Parts pulled from the yard will also require prepayment and if not picked up will carry a restocking fee. If we are performing the installation we may require payment for the part in full before we begin the job. We thank you in advance for your patience in these particular cases.


Core Deposit’s are a very important part of our business. Being a leader in the recycling industry we want to be assured that these items are disposed of properly  and when need be or  they get returned to the automotive industry for rebuilding or whatever benefit the may have in our industry. Also we are protecting our environment by staying green.


Bruce Auto Parts offers a standard 100 day or 3000 mile (whichever comes first) parts warranty on all of our QUALITY USED AUTO PARTS. For extra piece of mind we offer a LIMITED 1 YEAR or 12,000 miles (which ever comes first)PARTS WARRANTY. These are one time repair or replacement warranties.


These days labor can be very costly. We can also offer you a LABOR WARRANTY on your part to help with those cost should a problem arise. If you purchase the LABOR WARRANTY with your part, we will pay $50 an hour based on Mitchell Flat Rate, not to exceed the cost of the part.


Special exceptions apply to engine sales. Engines are normally sold complete for our customer’s convenience. The warranty covers the basic engine itself, to include the block and heads. Water pumps, fuel pumps, any and all gaskets and seals, all fuel injection, wires, plugs, timing belts, exhaust manifolds, sensors, etc are not covered under the warranty. Do to the complexity of today’s automobiles and the computer’s involved, all or some of these items may have to be switched from one engine to the other to insure proper drivability. BRUCE AUTO PARTS ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE COST OF THESE CHANGES.  For your protection you should:


Install a new thermostat , Change oil and filter prior to starting, Replace the timing belt, Flush and check the radiator, install new seals and gaskets where necessary ( oil leaks are not a part of the warranty ), Keep all maintenance records. You must change the oil and filter every 3,500 miles or in accordance with your owners manual and manufactures guidelines. KEEP ACCURATE RECORDS OF SERVICE.



All Transmissions are guaranteed to be in good working order. You must, upon installation, replace the filter and all seals. You must flush the transmission cooling system completely of debris. You must make sure the torque converter is properly seated in the automatic transmission. You must change all sensors and make sure they are in good working order to insure proper shifting of the transmission. Any bad or non working sensors can cause the transmission to shift improperly and therefore damage said transmission.  Used sensors on these transmissions are not guaranteed. The sensors have to match to the particular car that the transmission is coming out of. These costs are not the responsibility of Bruce Auto Parts.


Transfer Cases will fall under the same guidelines as the transmissions.


A/C Compressors are warranted for 30 days. All clutches have been inspected, as has the compressor, and turn freely. You must install a new receiver dryer and orfice and flush the system of debris. If you should have a problem you must provide the invoices showing that you had this work preformed properly.


All Warranty Claims must be presented to an authorized agent or manager of Bruce Auto Parts within the specified warranty period in order for the warranty to be valid.


Bruce Auto Parts, at its option, may replace the parts, repair the parts or refund the original purchase of said part.


All implied warranties are limited to the terms of the limited warranty. Consequential or incidental damages are not covered under this warranty.


Warranties on any product sold shall be in effect only for the duration of expressed warranty contained herein and upon conclusion of the expressed warranty herein, there shall be no warranty expressed or implied including merchantability and fitness for use on the product sold.


This warranty is not transferable and does not cover damage if parts are used in connection with racing or vehicles with racing equipment or damage or misuse as determined by an authorized agent of Bruce Auto Parts. Commercial and Fleet Vehicles are not covered.


Improper installations will VOID ANY WARRANTY.


There will be a 20% restocking charge all returned items and cuts are not returnable at all. All cuts will be handled individually and paid before any work is performed.


Bruce Auto Parts does not assume responsibility for towing charges, layup time, telephone, loss due to downtime, cost of lodging, cost of vehicle use, any inconvenience or car or truck rental.